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What is Hit Frequency? Hit frequency is all about how often a machine pays a prize. That prize could be big or small. If a slot machine has a hit frequency of 10 percent, it means that 10 percent of the time, you'll get a winning combination. Slots can have a hit frequency as low as 3 percent or as much as 45 percent.

Which Progressive Slots Have the Highest Jackpot Hit ... Which Progressive Slots Have the Highest Jackpot Hit Frequency Posted by: CasinosOnline in Articles If you are in the mood to give any of the dozens of different progressive jackpot paying slot games a try online, then you are probably wondering which ones award their jackpots the most often! Random Number Generator in Slot Games - JackpotCity Casino So, for example, if an online slot machine with 20 paylines has a hit frequency of 9%, it will stop on a winning combination about 9% of the time, per payline. Given that the slot game has 20 paylines, the 9% hit rate would apply to all of them. Gamblers might find slot games with high frequency more attractive but in reality the winnings ... Slots - Slot Strategies - Wizard of Odds

A machine with a high payback and low hit frequency means that it doesn’t hit as often, but it pays out more. A machine with a low payback and high hit frequency pays out small wins, more often. So whether you enjoy waiting longer for the bigger payout or getting little returns and less waiting time, you’ll now be able to find a slot

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Ask the Slot Expert: Slot machine hit frequency - RGT Online Dec 18, 2013 · What penny slot machines have a high frequency of paying? Is that set by individual casinos or by the machine's manufacturer? I ask because you said that Cashman pays about 50 percent of the time. I would say that every penny slot machine that is a multi-line/multi-coin machine has a high hit frequency (more than 20 percent).

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Hit Frequency - 888 Casino HIT FREQUENCY. The concept of "hit frequency" is best applied to games that pay “X-for-1” like keno, lotteries, slots and video poker.It is a little fuzzier when applied to table games, especially those with a strategy or multiple wagering opportunities.